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The phrase “aftercare” has been used in the field of addiction therapy to describe the stage of treatment that follows a preliminary phase of more intensive care on the road to recovery. Studies show that continuing care therapies that had a lengthier planned duration, made more active attempts to offer treatment to patients, and were evaluated more recently were more likely to achieve good treatment results. 

What Is Aftercare

Aftercare is a personalized strategy that is put in place once the initial treatment is finished. To assist you in navigating early solo rehabilitation, your aftercare plan is tailored to your unique requirements and concerns. Evidence-based techniques and a variety of therapies are used in a successful aftercare plan to help you maintain inspiration and impetus as you progress in sobriety. Alternative service delivery techniques and care settings may also contribute to increased engagement and retention in long-term care, especially among the vast number of people who do not want mainstream, clinic-based specialized care. Q2R has built robust aftercare programs to facilitate completer restoration.

Patient-Centered Plans

Holistic patient-centered plans are pillars of success at our institution and are key to smart recovery. We work with clients and a critical team to understand what the diagnosis of the patient is, the course of the treatment plan, and what aftercare will look like for the patient. Our contemporary patient-centered models are designed to effectively manage chronic disorders. Patient-centered plans extend into the existential aspects of our patients, particularly connected to the 8-parts of Wellness. For example, we strive to ensure that our patients have good and affordable housing, support systems, support groups such as 12-Steps programs, and other alternative options pertinent to their care.

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Sober Living Options

Having shelter is a basic need. We ensure that our patients have sober living conditions through our network and partnerships. These include halfway houses, intensive outpatient treatment programs, a community support network, and a case manager to monitor the recovery process, among many others. The main benefits of sober living options are:

  • Reinforcement of better coping skills
  • Substance use disorders can be monitored in a controlled environment
  • People in recovery have a support network to stay sober
  • Support systems can be assessed with ease
  • Execution of smart analysis of addiction recovery as a long-term measure
  • Patients are able to develop a dignified mirror of themselves
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Connections To Support Groups

Support groups underpin the wheel on the road to recovery. Many treatment facilities require participants to participate in 12-step programs as part of their recovery. After treatment, you can turn to groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous for support, no matter where you are in the world. AA and NA organizations can be found all over the United States, as well as in various other countries.

If you’ve never attended a 12-step group before, give it a shot. You won’t know if you like it until you give it a try. However, some people are still uncomfortable with the 12-step program and would rather not attend. You can express your concerns to your case manager as you develop your aftercare plan. They may have alternatives to 12-step recovery that you might use instead.

Usually, these alternative options can involve fun activities with the Alumni and other participants.

How We Can Help You

Quest2Recovery has connections all over California and beyond the borders to ensure that your long-term recovery is off to a great start. We know who to call and ask for recommendations. Call now to find out what we can do for you.

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