Understanding Insurance For Detox

insurance for detox

Detox programs may have deductibles, cost-sharing schemes, or other restrictions, so it’s crucial to know your policy before looking into them. Medical detox, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, is insufficient to ensure a patient’s recovery because it ignores other addiction side effects (psychological, social or emotional. Long-term treatment from a holistic perspective […]

The Ins And Outs Of Residential Care

Residential Care

Residential treatment is often a scary endeavor for someone who has not been through it. The ins and outs of residential care are pretty simplistic, offering a safe haven to many. Here you get a stable living environment, healthcare, healthy food, and plenty of therapy. Let’s explore what residential treatment looks like on average. What […]

An Important Part Of Recovery: Aftercare


The phrase “aftercare” has been used in the field of addiction therapy to describe the stage of treatment that follows a preliminary phase of more intensive care on the road to recovery. Studies show that continuing care therapies that had a lengthier planned duration, made more active attempts to offer treatment to patients, and were […]

Drug Rehab Has Its Fun Moments

rehab has it's fun moments

Lo Dale Carnegie said that “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing”. Relapse management is based on four major concepts. To begin with, relapse is a multi-staged process. The purpose of treatment is to assist people in recognizing the early stages of a problem, when the odds of success are […]

Healing The Family Unit From Substance Abuse

healing the family unit from substance abuse

Eighty percent of the time, families are the ones that call on behalf of the victim. The family is affected by a substance use disorder (SUD). The familial context contains information about how SUDs emerge, are maintained, and what factors can influence the disorder’s treatment positively or adversely. Theoretical frameworks such as family systems theory […]

Quick Guide on How to Detox Your Body from Drugs

how to detox your body from drugs

Detoxing is not solely exclusive to the recovery process. Throughout the day, organs like the liver and kidneys work to rid your body of toxins.    When a person abuses drugs, toxins build up to unnatural levels, causing many health concerns. Although the writeups on how to detox your body from drugs at home can seem […]

Trauma and Drug Abuse- How Rehab Centers Can Help Heal You

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Drug Addiction effects so many people in various degrees and yet society still seems to look down upon this population. We assume drug users chose that lifestyle without considering how they might have gotten to that dark place. We wonder why they haven’t sought out help, before asking if they know where to get help. […]

Providing Accessible Care to Anyone Looking for Drug Rehab Programs

insurance options to cover drug rehab cost

If you are seeking treatment for a substance use disorder, you may be wondering: Can I afford a quality Drug Rehab Program? Will I be covered? In this article, we will discuss how health insurance works for addiction recovery, the important facts about PPO, HMO and EPO plans and how we at Quest 2 Recovery […]

Overcoming An Addiction

substance use recovery

Addiction is the compulsive, chronic, physiological, psychological need for a habit. This can be a substance, behavior, or activity and involves harmful consequences. Addiction can lead to mental health issues and social trauma. Making the decision to overcome addiction and getting out of that vicious circle is the first step towards the road to recovery. […]

Is Addiction a Disease?

codependent relationships

  To most medical professionals, the inquiry as to whether addiction is a disease is a simple one with an obvious answer. The medical response would be, of course, addiction is a disease. A disease of behavioral, psychological, environmental, biological, and genetic factors. This cannot be denied as what the individual is experiencing is clearly […]