Is Drug Rehab Free for Veterans? 

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Not all drug rehabs are free for veterans, but yes, some are. Veterans are more vulnerable to substance abuse due to PTSD and chronic pain from injuries and require a lot of care and support when they return from active duty. The Department of Veterans Affairs, also known as the VA, is a government-funded program that provides medical care and substance use treatment to veterans at a low cost. Private rehab programs tend to be more expensive, but there are some non-profit and religious treatment centers that offer scholarships and payment assistance for veterans. 

Substance Use Disorder Rehab Programs For Veterans

Here is a list of some rehab program options for veterans: 

VA Benefits 

Finding out if you are eligible for VA benefits is a good place to start, as VA insurance can make many rehab programs accessible at a lower cost. There is an online directory of all the VA locations in the United States, which can help you find a center near you


Tricare is a government healthcare network for veterans that provides coverage for substance use disorder treatment. Tricare is not free, but it is accepted at VA medical centers as well as private rehab centers. 


There are some treatment centers that accept Medicaid as a form of full or partial payment. If you are eligible for Medicaid, it’s worth finding out if your local rehab center will accept it. 


SAMHSA is a search tool that can help you find a treatment center near you that offers income-based fees and payment plans, in addition to low-cost rehab programs. 

Free State-Funded Programs 

To attend a free state-funded rehab program, you’ll need to meet certain income requirements in addition to not having health insurance. Be sure to find out if the free rehab you’re considering is licensed and accredited, to ensure that the program is legitimate and offers high standards of care. The top two accreditations to look for are CARF and Joint Commission accreditation. 

Local Church or Religious Center 

Ask your local church or religious center if they can connect you with a free or low-cost rehab program. There are some faith-based rehabs that offer scholarships for people experiencing financial hardship, which is another reason why it’s worthwhile to explore this option. 

Find Your Path to Recovery

At Quest 2 Recovery, our holistic treatment philosophy is focused on the unique needs of the individual. Our knowledgeable and professional team members offer incredible support and guidance to everyone who attends one of our programs and can also help oversee the practical details involved with attending treatment to make your path to recovery as smooth as possible. If you have any questions about the health insurance we accept, contact our admissions team today. 

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