Elyze Clifford Interpretive Center in Lancaster, CA

Take a trip to the Elyze Clifford Interpretive Center in Lancaster, CA, and learn about the history of the Mojave Desert and the people who have lived in this area for centuries. Located in the Antelope Valley, the Elyze Clifford Interpretive Center provides visitors with an opportunity to experience a fascinating range of natural, cultural, and historical resources. Learn information about Quartz Hill, CA.

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The activities and exhibits at the center offer a unique opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the Mojave Desert region. For instance, visitors can explore the plant life found in the area, view wildlife in the desert, learn about the geology of the Mojave Desert region, and discover the lives of the people who have settled in the area for centuries. The Elyze Clifford Interpretive Center is named for a Mojave woman who was born in 1835 and was an important leader of her people. The Elyze Clifford Interpretive Center offers a variety of activities that center around the natural and cultural heritage of the Mojave Desert. There are two permanent displays that showcase the eco-region’s diverse wildlife and plants. The center also features live animal demonstrations, field trips, and educational programs that are focused on topics such as conservation, biology, and ecology. With these interactive experiences, visitors gain an appreciation of nature and the importance of preserving our planet. In addition to the interactive activities and displays, the Elyze Clifford Interpretive Center also houses various collections, both traditional and contemporary. Discover facts about Rawley Duntley Park: A Family Favorite in Lancaster, CA.

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