What Exactly is Dual-Diagnosis?

Why Dual-Diagnosis
Treatment Matters

Dual Diagnosis is a term used for those who suffer from a psychological or behavioral illness concurrent with alcohol or drug addiction. In most cases, one condition contributes to, or worsens, the symptoms of the other condition. For example, if you have a psychological disorder, you may start using drugs or alcohol to cope with their symptoms. Or alternatively, your substance abuse may be a catalyst for the symptoms of an underlying mental condition.

According to DualDiagnosis.org, 4 million Americans over the age of 18 who have a mental health disorder also struggle with a co-occurring alcohol or drug dependency. However, only a small fraction of these people seek professional help to overcome their addiction and receive treatment for the illness. It is important that you reach out due to the severe effects both conditions can have on you. We know it will be hard to reach out, but help is available.  At Quest 2 Recovery, we offer a dual-diagnosis program located in beautiful Southern California. Our program consists of different therapies to allow you to get to the root of your addiction and beat treated for both conditions simultaneously. 

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Since alcohol or drug addiction itself produces a range of symptoms, it can be very difficult to determine if your symptoms are substance induced or caused by an underlying mental health disorder. At Quest 2 Recovery, we have a team full of clinical professionals who can help determine which is which. We will help you deal with whatever condition you may be suffering from and have you back on the path to living a fuller and better life. When considering our dual-diagnosis program, there are a few signs and symptoms that are commonly encountered in those who suffer from co-occurring disorders. These include:

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Dual-Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles

If you are struggling with drug addiction and a mental illness, it will be okay. We know that fighting co-occurring disorders can feel lonely, but this battle shouldn’t be. We will be there every step of the way, from detox to aftercare. Our treatment program focuses on providing the best possible care for you for both substance abuse and mental illness. Co-occurring treatment is needed because relapses are extremely likely if the root of the addiction is not addressed as well. Since there is a variety of mental health disorders that may accompany alcohol or drug addiction, we understand treatment will be different for each one of our clients. When you come to our dual-diagnosis program, we will have our clinical team of professionals tailor a plan specifically for your needs.

Our dual diagnosis program comprises of the following:

The purpose of detoxification is to help you get off your substance of choice in a safe, medically supervised, and comfortable environment. This allows us to help you by minimizing the severity of withdrawal symptoms and improving your comfort while you’re staying in our detox program. In our detox program, you may be administered tapering amounts of the substance, as well as some medicines to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

Psychotherapy is an essential part of our dual diagnosis treatment program. The purpose is to educate you about your addiction and illness and then see how we can help you change any behaviors that may be contributing to your addiction/mental illness.

When you attend our dual-diagnosis program, you will learn efficient ways to cope with your mental illness instead of using your drug addiction. We get that you probably feel isolated as that is what any mental disorder along with addiction can do. We will show you you’re not alone with support groups. Support groups are there to help you change this ineffective pattern of thinking and to provide you with a platform to share your feelings with others.

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Dual-Diagnosis Treatment in Southern California

 Quest 2 Recovery offers a dual-diagnosis treatment program in Southern California that truly works when seeking long-term recovery from substance abuse and mental illnesses. We work hard to provide you with a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. We know this is a long road to get better and that is why we want to be there with you every step of the way. From group to individual therapies, we have something that works for you. Take it from us, don’t fight addiction and mental illness alone. Contact us today to learn more about our dual-diagnosis treatment program in Southern California.

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