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When It Comes to Drug & Alcohol Addiction, We Get it.

We are here for you with Years of Experience and Reliability.

At Quest 2 Recovery, we use an evidence-based, discreet, and compassionate approach towards the treatment of alcohol or drug addiction. Our purpose is to help our clients achieve a substance-free lifestyle by providing them all the support and care they need during the drug withdrawal process.

We offer a range of drug detox programs that are aimed at treating the root cause of drug addiction. We look beyond the visible symptoms and understand the unique challenges faced by a client. We leverage this knowledge and our deep expertise and experience to design tailored drug detoxification and rehabilitation programs that help the client get through drug withdrawal in complete privacy and achieve complete recovery with maximum comfort.

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At Quest 2 Recovery, we understand that each client comes to us with their own unique struggles and challenges when it comes to their addiction. Therefore, we adopt a personalized approach towards this process by creating highly effective treatment plans that will allow our clients to achieve long term recovery.

Looking Beyond the Symptoms

We believe that the best way to assist a client to achieve abstinence and maintain sobriety is to identify and eradicate the motivation behind drug or alcohol abuse. Therefore, our team of professionals look beyond the signs and symptoms of addiction to identify the primary underlying issues and triggers. This allows our clinical team to develop a treatment plan that is uniquely tailored for each individual’s needs.

Home-Like Environment

We provide a safe and supportive home-like environment full of compassionate professionals who are available 24/7 to provide a comfortable and safe environment for our clients. Our in-house chef prepares homestyle meals, while our clinical team creates an atmosphere of trust and accountability to allow clients the maximum chance at long term sobriety.


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A dedicated team of addiction professionals

At Quest 2 Recovery, we have a team of compassionate professionals whose expertise, experience, and dedication are guaranteed to satisfy the needs of all of our clients. Our team of skilled professionals have unparalleled expertise in treating drug and alcohol addiction, as well as psychological disorders that commonly accompany substance abuse. They are responsible for creating and implementing an individual treatment plan that is designed to address and treat clients’ unique psychological and physical needs.

Armen Melikyan

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Gaspar Melikyan

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing

Peter Blikian

Co-Founder & Director of Accounting

Neda Javaherian, MD


Derrick Smith, MD

Healthcare Practitioner

Amber Carra, LMFT

Director of Clinical Services

Vanessa Stapleton

First Responders Support Services

Amee Gray

Community Outreach Liaison

Shannon Clairemont

Director of Admissions

Kyisean Reed

Clinical Assistant

Samantha Benitez, LVN

Lead Medical Nurse

Oshia Hale, CAODC

Lead Case Manager

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