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At Quest 2 Recovery, our mission is to assist clients who are struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse. We do this by recognizing the disease of addiction with an emphasis on how it plays a role in daily living. We offer a range of treatment services from detoxification to residential treatment in a safe, comfortable home-like environment. Our caring and compassionate team of professionals help clients increase their motivation to change. They teach the skills and strategies necessary to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. Our services are comprised of a combination of evidence-based, safe, and effective interventions including:







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Addiction Treatment ANd Rehab Programs In Lancaster, CA

Explore our drug & alcohol addiction treatment services in Lancaster, California proudly serving Bakersfield, Antelope Valley & all of those seeking recovery. Our program is uniquely designed to treat each client with customized care that targets their needs in rehab.

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the first step to recovery

Using a comprehensive approach, the initial intake process entails collecting detailed information about your physical and psychological health, your addiction history, and other essential details that may have contributed to your addiction. This allows our clinical staff to develop the appropriate detoxification program. The detox and withdrawal process will be medically supervised, providing medical and emotional support. 

Before initiating the medical detox process, we collect detailed information. That information includes:

  • physical health 
  • psychological health
  • alcohol use and frequency
  • substance use and frequency

This information helps us develop a tailored drug or alcohol detox program. The detox team will provide medical interventions to ensure the most comfortable detox possible. Withdrawal symptoms can vary significantly, depending on:

  • the severity and history of addiction
  • general health 
  • age of the client

Symptoms can be highly unpleasant and unpredictable, which is why a medical detox program is the safest route. Quest 2 Recovery will safely guide our clients through the detox process and into the active treatment phase of recovery.

Residential inpatient Rehab

drug & alcohol rehab in Lancaster California

At Quest 2 Recovery, our inpatient rehab aims to help you gain control of the recovery process in a comfortable and supportive environment.  We help you identify and eliminate the behaviors that trigger you to use drugs and alcohol.  With a better understanding of your thoughts and behaviors that fueled addictive behaviors, you feel empowered and committed to overcoming your alcohol or drug addiction.  Situated in a tranquil setting away from the distractions of the city, you will enjoy a peaceful setting that is conducive to healing your mind, body, and spirit.

We assist our clients to gain control of the recovery process by becoming stakeholders in their own recovery. Using cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and other behavioral modalities we help you identify and eliminate the behaviors that motivated substance use. With a better understanding of how your maladaptive thoughts and behaviors fueled your addiction, you will begin to feel more empowered and willing to make systemic changes in your thinking patterns that result in positive, productive actions.  The new healthy thought-behavior patterns will become a habit, acting as an important recovery tool going forward.

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treating mental health seriously

At Quest 2 Recovery, we provide a dual-diagnosis treatment for you if you are suffering from a co-occurring mental illness. Over 40% of those addicted suffer from a co-occurring mental illness that can be a barrier to success in recovery. From psychiatric evaluations to medication management, Quest 2 Recovery offers you a chance to fully recover from substance abuse and mental illness at our dual-diagnosis program in Southern California.

Often times a substance use disorder coexists with a mood disorder resulting in a more complex dual diagnosis.  When getting help for treating the addiction, it is essential that you receive treatment for the co-occurring mental health disorder. In many cases, the mood disorder drives the substance abuse, to help alleviate the symptoms of depression or anxiety.  Treating both disorders will result in a sustained recovery.

AfterCare Planning

preparing you for a lifetime of recovery

After treatment, your goal is to stay sober and prevent relapse. But addiction is a chronic disease that requires ongoing care. That’s why aftercare is so important. Aftercare is a plan for continued care and support after you leave treatment. It can help you:Stay focused on your recovery goals. If you’re not sure where to start, talk with Quest 2 Recovery about what aftercare options are available to you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help – our team wants to see you succeed.

The best time to plan your aftercare program is while you are still in active treatment. Early recovery is a  vulnerable time, as your new life in recovery adjusts to living without the crutch of substance s.  By making an aftercare plan in advance of discharge you can ease into that important next phase, a clean life.

Aftercare rehab

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Inpatient drug rehab  consists of inpatient detox and residential rehab. Inpatient detox can last anywhere from 3 to 10 days followed by inpatient rehab which can last 10 to 25 days. In total, drug rehab lasts on 30 days in average.

Most PPO policies work for drug and alcohol rehab. We are in network with MHN, Healthnet and First Health.

Although we are located in Lancaster California, we accept patients from all over the country. We are conveniently located within 2 hours from Los Angeles international Airport California.




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