Lancaster Drug and Alcohol Detox

Quest 2 Recovery is the bridge from addiction to recovery. We help individuals struggling with drugs and alcohol achieve long-term sobriety from substance abuse through our evidence-based addiction treatment programs starting with the drug and alcohol detox in lancaster. Since most patients need detox, that is the first step before entering our integrated treatment rehab where we help individuals take the first steps on their recovery journey. We believe that detox facilities can support long-term recovery by offering caring and compassionate services that make all of our patients comfortable during this trying time.

Alcohol and drug addiction is a complex process that causes individuals to become psychologically and physically dependent on a substance. People commonly associate addiction with “street” drugs like cocaine and heroin, but you can easily become addicted to prescription drugs as well. Commonly known prescription drugs like Vicodin and Xanax are widely prescribed and highly addictive. Coming down from alcohol or any drug involves detox or the clearing of these drugs from your system. This is a crucial part of recovery and can be very dangerous to do alone without medical professionals.

The causes of addiction vary greatly and may include various physiological, psychological, social, and lifestyle factors. But regardless of the underlying motivation to use drugs, addiction is highly damaging to the health and personal life of an individual. Therefore, at Quest 2 Recovery in lancaster, we offer a tailored alcohol and drug detox program that help an individual discover the path to an addiction-free, happy, and healthy life.

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First Steps To Drug Detox In Lancaster, CA

People of all ages may become addicted to an illicit or prescription drug. In most instances, the initial decision to consume a drug is voluntary.

Since most drugs alter the brain’s reward system, upon continued use, an individual loses his or her ability to make a rational decision and becomes psychologically and physically dependent on the use of the drug in order to feel good.

When substance use disorder forms, it’s important to safely become separated from the substance. Drug rehab and detox is the first step in the recovery process and we offer a confidential same-day admissions process.

We are also in-network with some insurance providers and are able to accept many insurances on an out-of-network basis.

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Treating Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

The treatment of drug addiction comprises of two major components — detoxification and rehabilitation. The purpose of detoxification is to help an individual halt their drug or alcohol consumption in a safe manner that does not lead to any health-related consequences. Once the detoxification process is completed, rehabilitation starts. During rehabilitation, various behavioral therapies are used to help the client deal with their withdrawal symptoms and fight drug cravings. In addition, counseling is also used as a way to help the client identify and overcome their motivation to use a drug or alcohol.

Common Drug and Alcohol Detox Protocols

Alcoholism affects more than 7% of the American population. Detoxing from alcohol on your own can be very dangerous. Let us help you quit safely. Alcohol detox can be quite difficult on the body. Separating from alcohol in a safe alcohol detox center can help to lessen the potential of seizures and other withdrawal symptoms which may occur as a result of alcohol detox.

Adderall is a highly addictive prescription drug that many times is equated to “legal speed”. Let us help you quit for good at Quest 2 Recovery’s drug detox in Lancaster California

Benzodiazepines are a class of sedative narcotics used to treat anxiety and other medical issues. The issue is benzos are highly addictive and can be deadly if mixed with other drugs or alcohol. It is also highly dangerous to quit on your own so it’s important for individuals physically dependent on benzodiazepines to seek a safe medically monitored drug detox center.

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise thanks to an increase in prescriptions for narcotics across the United States. From drugs like Xanax to Percocet to Ambien and Adderall, Quest 2 Recovery addiction treatment can help you quit prescription drugs for good.

Heroin addiction is on the rise due to the opioid epidemic. Quest 2 Recovery provides quality addiction treatment for heroin addiction in Lancaster, and Apple Valley Ca.

Cocaine is a highly addictive amphetamine that can cause serious chaos in a person’s life. Let Quest 2 Recovery help you with our cocaine addiction program in Los Angeles.

Crystal methamphetamines, or crystal meth, is an addictive amphetamine drug that is silently on the rise in America. Quest 2 Recovery offers interventions and recovery from crystal meth addiction at our Lancaster drug rehab program.

Methadone and Suboxone are typically used for medication management for those addicted to opioids, however, they can be abused themselves. Let Quest 2 Recovery help you find your path to recovery from opiate addiction.

Through a safe medical detox program, it is possible for our clients to remove harmful substances from their system and begin treatment with a fresh perspective and clear mind.

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Rehab After Drug & Alcohol Detox

Once a client has completed the drug and alcohol detox process, successfully removing substances from the body, our staff immediately involve patients in our drug and alcohol rehab program with a personalized treatment plan.

The period directly after detoxification is a critical point of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and a great time for medical professionals to intervene therapeutically. Psychological cravings may remain after illicit drugs or alcohol have left the body, and it’s important to immediately start implementing new healthy habits. even after the toxins have left the body. Residential addiction treatment has been proven to support relapse prevention, building coping skills that can continue after receiving treatment. We offer group therapy, and supportive life skills needed to achieve long-term sobriety after medical stabilization occurs.

Our Lancaster Medical Detox Program

At Quest 2 Recovery, we utilize an evidence-based, discreet, and compassionate approach towards the treatment of alcohol or drug addiction. Our purpose is to help our clients achieve a substance-free lifestyle by providing them all the support and care they need during the drug withdrawal process.

We offer a range of drug detox programs that are aimed at treating the root cause of drug addiction. We look beyond the visible symptoms and understand the unique challenges faced by our clients. We leverage this knowledge and our deep expertise and experience to design tailored drug detoxification and rehabilitation programs that help our clients get through drug withdrawal in complete privacy and achieve complete recovery with maximum comfort. We are located in Lancaster and serve patients from Palmdale, Quartz hill, Lena Valley and Edwards Airforce Base as well as patients from around the country.

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