Can Drug Rehab Be Fun?

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The journey to recovery shouldn’t be a negative experience. Many people in rehab are extremely talented and some people that have been sober for years still look back fondly on their time in rehab thinking about singing and playing guitar after scheduling is done. It’s been said that “laughter is the best medicine”, well a lot of that laughter comes when one is having fun. Drug rehab is a very serious time to heal and address the underlying issues of addiction, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a negative experience.

Try Out New Things

In the words of motivational speaker Brian Tracy- “Learn something new. Try something different. Convince yourself that you have no limits.” A lot of the fun activities that Quest2Recovery engages with our program participants involve pushing one’s limits to discover something essential about themselves. The goal of fun is fun, and one often finds that during that process, one uncovers a manifold of oneself. At our institution, we do things like rock climbing, surfing, hiking for recovery, playing a sport, movies, bowling, camping, and any other activity that we co-create with our members and staff. So, try out new things, you never know where they’ll lead, the joy, the fun, is in the discovery. 

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Peer Recovery Principles

Misty Copeland, the American ballet dancer says that “Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” We all know that a strong support system is critical to one’s well-being and victory. Programs like the 12-Steps, faith-based, smart recovery and others can help you find recovery and a strong support system. Finding the right support group is vital as well- because some of these after-rehab groups can get toxic and reinforce old patterns if one is not careful.

Family Support Goes A Long Way In Making Rehab More Enjoyable

Family goes a long way in helping treat substance abuse and emphasizing healthy socialization. Family ensures that you get to your rehab center on time, they visit you every day, make sure you eat healthily and participate in fun family events provided by Quest2Recovery. Your family will be the first people who welcome you home after rehab and celebrate you each day you win the battle of sobriety. Family doesn’t have to be biological, it can be the people you think of as family- friends who have stood with you during your addiction, fought alongside you, and can also include some new people you have met along the way. 

There’s No Reason To Wait For Rehab.

At Quest2Recovery we set up partnerships for sober events such as surfing, excercise therapy, Alumni substance-free networking events and other fun activities to make recovery fun. We make sure to find out the things people enjoy and co-create fun moments that can end up being defining situations that ensure the recovery of an individual. Quest2Recovery is committed to your full recovery and grows with you. Call Quest2Recovery and find out the different options available for you. Remember, keep it fun! 

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