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 Our philosophy at Quest 2 Recovery is simple: heal the mind, body, and spirit in a family-like environment.  We believe in a holistic approach to treatment, one that caters to each individual’s distinct needs.  As a trauma-based treatment program, we believe in resolving the underlying issues that brought the onset of the substance use.  Our team of clinicians help each client identify the faulty belief systems stemming from childhood, then psych-educate clients on the symptoms of PTSD in order to understand and alleviate the power of certain triggers.

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Explore our drug & alcohol addiction treatment services in Lancaster, California proudly serving Bakersfield, Antelope Valley & all of those seeking recovery. Our program is uniquely designed to treat each client with customized care that targets their needs in rehab.


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Using a comprehensive approach, the initial intake process entails collecting detailed information about the client’s physical and psychological health, their addiction history, and other important details that may have contributed to addiction. This allows our clinical staff to develop the appropriate detoxification program. The detox and withdrawal process will be medically supervised, providing medical and emotional support throughout. As a result, Quest 2 Recovery ensures a higher chance of long-term recovery for our clients.

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At Quest 2 Recovery, we aim to help clients gain control of the recovery process in a comfortable, supportive environment.  We help our clients identify and eliminate the behaviors that trigger them to use drugs and alcohol.  With a better understanding of their thoughts and behaviors that fueled addictive behaviors, clients feel empowered and committed to overcoming their alcohol or drug addiction.  Situated in a tranquil setting away from the distractions of the city, clients enjoy a peaceful setting that is conducive to healing mind, body, and spirit.


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Many times addiction coexists with a mood disorder, further complicating the diagnostic picture. We look beyond the signs and symptoms of addiction to identify the actual triggers and mental health conditions that may be factors in developing an unhealthy drug or drinking habit. Using a combination of detoxification, behavioral therapies, experiential and holistic therapies, and medication our team of experts provide the most effective dual diagnosis rehabilitation, helping our clients achieve a healthy, substance-free lifestyle.

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I had a few situations that came up while i was here & the staff was very helpful to help me resolve them. I appreciate the staff for being able to relate with my struggles and help me succeed in my own recovery. Thank you to everyone at Quest including their amazing Chef who prepared us food and also taught us how to cook.

Thomas P

Checking myself into Quest 2 Recovery was one of the hardest yet best choices I have ever made in my life. When I decided to check myself in, I searched on google and basically picked this place at random. I did mot know what to expect as I have never been to a rehab facility before. This facility is a very nice house located in a nice quiet neighborhood in Lancaster, California. The house is well maintained and very comfortable with a pool out back, fire pit, ping pong table, and musical instruments, among many more activities available for clients.

Johnny I

This place is one of the best places I have been too, as soon as I came in they treated me as family. And my case manager helped me with everything I needed too get done. She aslong with everyone else went beyond out of their way to meet my necessities. The program they have here is one of a kind and I forsure would recommend anyone to give this place a chance to change you're life cause it did for me.

Elijah K.

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