What To Expect During The Admissions Process For Drug and Alcohol Detox

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Residential treatment includes comprehensive initial assessments by expert therapists as well as individually crafted treatment regimens that include holistic, proven therapeutic approaches that promote mind, body, and soul rehabilitation. Patients will learn the underlying process of their substance use therapy in an inpatient program, empowering them to develop comprehensive coping skills and the courage to improve themselves every waking day.

Residential care facilities are typically available at effective treatment clinics and provide safe surroundings to achieve lifelong recovery. Residential facilities such as Quest2Recovery offer amenities that promote contentment and healing via peace and tranquility. Patients are also never left alone or isolated.

What Is Detox?

Medically assisted detox is withdrawing a substance from your system under medical supervision. This carefully monitored detox may include the delivery of temporary medication to help patients cope with withdrawal symptoms and recover in a secure environment. It is especially true when a patient detoxes from highly addictive pharmaceuticals and experiences severe withdrawal symptoms. Each person’s detox experience is unique. The detox process depends on the type of drug consumed and the time used. A variety of factors determines the duration of the withdrawal. The withdrawal effects from most medications take days or months to overcome.

The First Step – Calling In

Never be ashamed to want to get better. The first step is usually the hardest, but you know what, it’s okay, we understand, and we are here for you. It’s okay to be anxious. Uncertainty can stem from a lack of knowledge about what to anticipate in rehab, concerns about the detox process, or simply unfamiliarity with treatment facilities and their processes. Know that Quest2Recovery provides the most exemplary level of care available and strongly emphasizes the client’s privacy and dignity throughout the program. You need to call 1-855-783-7888 or fill out the form here.

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Insurance Verification Is Required

After the first call, we initiate the financial conversations and get the insurance information. Once we have the insurance information, we run the verification of benefits. Usually, it takes about an hour, and then we call back and set up a time to do a clinical assessment with the client.

The amount of money an insurance company pays for detox and rehab is still determined by the person’s particular plan and the treatment program they choose. A person seeking therapy may be required to obtain a recommendation from their primary care physician before their insurance carrier will cover the cost of treatment.

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Phone Interview With A Clinician

After the insurance benefits are verified, one of the key things we ask is whether one has been to rehab before and what’s different about this time. The clinical assessment involves analyzing their use history and abuse rate, treatment in the past, and whether they have any dual diagnosis issues.  Ninety-five percent of the time, clients suffer some form of mental health challenge, and a ninety-nine percent probability of having gone through some trauma. We impress upon them the gravity and nobility of choosing to get better one more time, asking them what they are willing to do this time that would be different from the other times. 


Quest2Recovery, with its two homes, is a home away from home and, in some cases, the only home they have ever known. You’ll be surrounded by loving individuals without feeling cramped in our residential houses, which can accommodate up to 6 clients. For your personalized therapy, we establish a welcoming and relevant setting. Each room sleeps two people to provide you with as much privacy as possible.

Our support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to put your mind at ease. We provide medical services on-site and a gourmet chef who prepares your daily nutritional meals. Our wellness coach will assist you in improving your overall health and establishing new healthy habits.

Our program participants for detox or residential treatment go through a smooth onboarding process. We only provide these two degrees of care. When a client calls us on the phone, we make sure that they realize that they will be staying for 30 days. We can complete detoxification within those 30 days. It can be up to 35 days or even 25 days in a home setting. In any case, we make it a priority to obtain these necessary authorizations promptly.

By combining detox and residential care, patients can gain a significant foothold toward recovery and abstinence in as little as 30 days.

We Are A Phone Call Away

If your gut tells you that you need addiction treatment, do not hesitate to call us immediately. Knowing that you need help is usually the first step in the treatment path. Once you make that call or fill out that form, you will connect with an admissions counselor, who will do an initial evaluation and answer any questions about Quest2Recovery’s detox and residential program. Our staff is professional and compassionate; they know that the first step is often the hardest to take… We are here for you.

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