Men’s Health Month: Masculinity and Mental Health

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According to research, men are less likely to seek mental health services compared to their female counterparts. One of the factors that contribute to this underuse of seeking professional help is masculinity norms. June is Men’s Health Month; a month dedicated to raising awareness of preventable health problems and encourages early detection and treatment of […]

Supporting vs. Enabling Someone With PTSD

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All too often, we label some behaviors as post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. This is a major disservice to all people who suffer from this debilitating disturbance. Many symptoms that are erroneously labeled as PTSD fall within these categories: Addiction Substance misuse Anxiety Depression Domestic Violence Abuse Enabling is always a concern and excusing unhealthy behaviors […]

LGBTQ Pride Month

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Stigma, Addiction, and Mental Health within the LGBTQ Community “Like racism and all forms of prejudice, bigotry against LGBTQ people is a deadly carcinogen. We are pitted against each other in order to keep us from seeing each other as allies. Genuine bonds of solidarity can be forged between people who respect each other’s differences […]