Is it Safe to Go to Drug Rehab During the Coronavirus Epidemic?

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With the recent spread of the Delta variant strain of the Covid-19 virus, rates in the US are climbing. The data published by the CDC’s Covid Data Tracker shows that the current 7-day average of infections has risen to a level not seen since May and is steadily climbing (2021). Even with the vaccine now […]

Top 5 Tips for Rehab Newbies

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Deciding to check yourself into drug addiction treatment for the first time can be intimidating. The good news is the decision to get help is often the most difficult one. Here are some tips that will help prepare for drug or alcohol rehab. What comes next? Mentally preparing for treatment, securing your finances, and providing […]

Why is Outpatient Treatment Important?

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Imagine you have been stranded on an island, and you need to find your way back home. The first step on to road to recovery is a lot like that. Joining an Inpatient care program is a commitment to getting clean and finding your way back.

How to Overcome an Addiction?

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Addiction is the compulsive, chronic, physiological, psychological need for a habit-forming substance, behavior or activity and there are harmful consequences for the habit. Addiction can lead to a lot of emotional health, mental health issues and eventually social trauma. It’s a vicious circle. Making the decision to overcome addiction and getting out of that vicious […]