How Long Does It Take To Detox From Weed?

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Detoxing from any substance can be a challenging experience, but it is a necessary and important first step on the journey to recovery. Quest 2 Recovery is here to support people who are struggling with substance use by providing the resources and support they need to detox successfully from weed and other drugs. The amount of time it takes to detox from weed is unique to the individual and thier history of substance use, but it’s important to keep in mind that traces of drugs remain in your system even once the initial high has worn off. 

What Is Weed?

Also known as cannabis, grass, and marijuana, weed is a naturally occurring plant that is often used for recreational purposes. Native American tribes have a long history of using marijuana for spiritual and medicinal reasons, though the original plant differs from what is grown and sold today. The active ingredient in weed is the psychoactive compound delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, which produces feelings of euphoria and relaxation. 

Although there are hundreds of different strains of weed, they can be organized into three main categories: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, which come from different parts of the world and have varying effects when ingested. Weed is consumed in a variety of ways, including smoking, vaporizing, and ingesting edibles such as medicinal brownies and gummies. 

Like all psychoactive drugs, THC can also have a myriad of negative effects on the mind and body, including anxiety, paranoia, impaired coordination, poor judgment, memory loss, and high blood pressure. Although marijuana overdoses are relatively rare, some people are more sensitive to THC than others, and it is possible to experience symptoms of THC toxicity including psychosis, heart arrhythmia, and extreme nausea. 

How Long Does It Take To Detox From Weed?

The amount of time it takes to detox from weed varies depending on a number of factors including a person’s metabolism, age, weight, genetic history, and overall health. The amount, method, and frequency of use also have an impact on how long it takes to detox from any given drug, including THC. As a general rule of thumb, the more frequent the use and the higher the dose of marijuana, the longer it will take for the THC to leave a person’s system. Weed can be detected in a person’s system by several different drug tests, including blood, saliva, urine, and hair follicle tests long after the effects of using it have worn off.

The Importance of Understanding Weed Detection Times (Drug Testing & Kits)

It is important for individuals in or considering addiction treatment to know more about how long it takes to detox from weed for several reasons. If you are being routinely drug tested for any serious reason including legal proceedings, employment, or to secure a living arrangement, it is crucial to understand how difficult it is to cheat a drug test and what the detection windows are. THC can be detected in your urine anywhere from 2-30 days, and up to 48 hours in your blood. 

Saliva tests are often used to test for drug use because they are portable and easy to administer. Saliva tests are designed to detect THC anywhere from a few hours to several days after use. Although hair follicle tests are not useful for on-the-spot drug tests and need to be processed in a lab, they can detect drug use for up to 90 days, which is helpful when it is necessary to establish a history or pattern of drug use. 

Marijuana Withdrawal 

Although detoxing from marijuana is generally not considered life-threatening, it is always important to have the assistance and guidance of a medical professional during the withdrawal process. Common marijuana withdrawal symptoms include insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches, sweating, tremors, and nausea. 

The length and intensity of marijuana use as well as the potency of the drug impact the detox process, which varies from person to person. Keep in mind that it is very important to be aware of the purity of the marijuana you have been using, as there have been many cases of weed being laced with heroin and other dangerous opiates.

Tips for Detoxing from Weed

Although there is no way to pass a drug test before your body has processed a given substance, there are some things you can do to support your natural detox process. Weed is primarily metabolized by your liver, and it is not possible to make your liver process more than a certain amount of toxins at a given time. That said, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and electrolyte drinks can help flush THC out of your system more efficiently, as can eating nutritious food. Make sure to get plenty of rest and include gentle exercise in your detox plan to support your digestive system and boost your metabolism. 

Find Safe And Reliable Medical Detox For Marijuana

At Quest 2 Recovery, our holistic treatment philosophy is focused on the unique needs of the individual. Our knowledgeable and professional team members offer incredible support and guidance to everyone who attends one of our programs and also help oversee the practical details involved with attending treatment to make your path to recovery as smooth as possible. With a trauma-based approach in a safe, family-like environment, we offer medical detox and tailored treatment plans to help people of all ages learn more about and resolve the underlying issues that cause substance abuse. If you or someone you love is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, contact us today.

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